8 Amazing House Extension Ideas For Everyday Homes

Open plan kitchen extension

This article contains a list of some of the more inspiring house extension design ideas we’ve come across by looking at everything from work by award-winning architects to average construction projects – all achievable even for those on a tight budget!

Deciding on what your house extension will look like can be difficult, especially when you consider the vast amount of options available to you. You may not yet have an image of your ideal house extension in your mind, but we’re sure once you lay eyes on some exceptional designs other homeowners in the UK have gone with, you’ll start to build a better picture of what you desire.

How much do these extension ideas cost?

The best part of this is that you don’t need a six-figure budget to recreate these designs. A combination of clever use of space, light and stunning visuals is what makes these extension designs really stand out.

So let’s begin!


8. Don’t be afraid of height!

Spacious house extension lit up by blue light
Work of Nikki Ritchie – Hyve Architects

An ambitious extension of an Edwardian terraced house in a rather unconventional style – a bit of a gamble but the architect’s boldness really paid off. The result is a beautiful space for a growing family to enjoy together.

The pitched roof design allows for an incredible amount of headroom not seen in any other area of the house. The double-storey sliding doors complement this design and allow for a scenic view of the garden just beyond. A pretty good idea for a house extension we’d say.


7. Be creative with double-storey space.

Double-storey extension with full view windows
Work of Tigg + Coll Architects

Now we may be cheating a little bit with this one, as this project very likely ran over £100,000, but the design principle used here can be applied to a lower budget project with similar results. Building an open space into a double-storey extension could be a good idea for those looking for a feeling of freedom by having the maximum amount of open space possible.


6. Take advantage of width.

Full-width extension looking out onto a large garden
Work of Ulla Gala Architects

A grand garden can be a valuable commodity for those seeking to integrate their interior and exterior. This designer took full advantage of the generous width of the house to create a dining area with skylights and 3-way French doors opening up to a beautiful garden.

This design is particularly clever as the floorplan allows you to see right into the home, from one end of the property to the other, giving an impression of great space.


5. Simple is good.

Cosy kitchen extension with well kept garden
Work of Burgess Architects

You do not need to break the bank to have an impressive house extension and this London project is evidence of just that. There is nothing complicated about this design, which is exactly what makes it shine. It is actually rather modest looking from the outside, but inside it boasts a high ceiling with skylights going the full length of the side-return.

A sink located at the back wall of the kitchen will allow you to look out onto your freshly tended garden as you do the dishes – a small touch giving the kitchen an even more homey feel. Ample greenery in the garden makes this scene look even cosier.


4. Colour can make a huge difference.

Town house extension with light colour scheme
Work of JLB Property Developments

What makes this extension really pop is the light colour scheme used throughout the whole property. Generous use of skylights and full-height windows allow the maximum amount of light to enter, lighting up the whole interior despite the challenge of being a fairly narrow property.

This clean look is complemented by neat paving and artificial grass lining the back end of the garden. Deciding to make the entire extension open-plan like this one could be an idea worth looking into.


3. Consider the materials used.

Glass body kitchen extension
Work of Chris Snook

The interesting thing about this one is the use of glass throughout almost the entirety of the extension body. The roof is completely covered in roof lights with thin frames, coupled with sliding doors at the rear making this look almost like a greenhouse. The amount of light this design allows for is astounding and ideal for those us who cherish the moments of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy climate.

It is important that the interior design work well with the exterior and this is exactly what was achieved in this case with the clean white surfaces of the kitchen looking even more luxurious alongside the aforementioned glass.


2. Use a combination of styles.

Interesting style combining modern with natural
Work of Leo Lei – Leibal

How do you get a house built in the early 20th century to look fresh and modern? This designer knew just how to do that and turned an otherwise boring and bland looking property into something quite inspirational. As we’ve seen with some of the previous projects in this list, the use of glass can be quite powerful and in this case, it makes the rear of the house look like a modern skyscraper – not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely very good for someone looking for a unique style.

The cherry on the cake here is combining modern with natural by incorporating a grass roof to the extension, which softens the overall look for the structure and makes it look more natural.


1. Don’t forget to consider lighting.

Small size 38 min
Work of KPD Construction

A narrow property can be a real challenge for architects when it comes to lighting. The lack of width can make it difficult for sunlight to hit the property and the last thing you want is having to live in a dark dungeon!

This is a great house extension idea for those faced with the same problem. Effective placement of doors, windows and skylights will allow ample sunlight to enter even for houses tucked away in a dark corner. What makes this particular design even more impressive is the fact that despite being surrounded by tall walls on every side, the extension is still lit up as though it was out in the open.

Which extension design idea is your favourite?

Those are our 8 house extension ideas suitable for anyone, even if you’re on a tight budget. With many different styles and innovations, hopefully they will be a good jump-off point for you to start building a better picture of your ideal design.

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