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There are many building companies to choose from in the Romford area but if you’re looking for the most reliable, efficient and skilled builders in Romford then look no further than KPD Construction! Whether you’re planning to convert your loft, extend your kitchen or have a complete refurbishment of your home, KPD will help you turn your dream into reality with an experience that will leave you wondering why you hadn’t gone ahead with your plans sooner. Our clients consider us to be the number one builders in Romford and we can’t wait to show you just why that is. This amazing reputation as builders comes from over 10 years of hard work where we treated each project with the utmost care – no matter how big or small. So whether you’re looking for someone to fit your kitchen or build a new home, you can enjoy the same passion and commitment with each job. We are a Romford-based company that only takes on local work to ensure we can deliver each project with focus. We believe in quality over quantity and so although we may not be the cheapest builders in Romford, we are certainly up there as the best in terms of quality.

What makes KPD the best builders in Romford?

You’re probably wondering what exactly makes us the best building company in the area and how what we can offer you is different from our competition. We like to put our money where our mouth is and show you first-hand why working with us is the best decision you can make, but here are a few of the things that makes us stand out.
  • Based in Romford

    We work exclusively within North London and Essex with a large portion of our work being done in Romford itself - as this is where we are based. This has given us a great understanding of the property market and building regulations which we use to ensure our customers are covered legally and all projects are done by the book, with the chances of your project being accepted by Havering Council standing at virtually 100%.

  • Quality is guaranteed

    You can enjoy peace of mind knowing our work is guaranteed for up to 10 years and should any issues arise, they will be rectified promptly and free of charge.

  • Industry veterans

    You can benefit from the vast experience of our staff, some of whom have over 25 years of experience working in the industry. They are absolute experts in their respective fields so whether it’s electrical installations or bricklaying, you’ll know everything is done masterfully and will last for a long time without any issues. We have a strict policy of hiring only experienced tradesmen who our clients can rely on.

  • No subcontracting

    We have an in-house team of specialists available for all aspects of general domestic construction work, from plumbers and electricians to an architect and designer, so you won’t need to worry about running around and finding subcontractors for small jobs here and there. Whatever it is that you need done, chances are we have what is needed to make it happen.

  • Thorough communication

    Good project management is one of our top priorities and keeping you informed every step of the way is a big part of that. You can be as hands-off as you like and leave us to get on with it but we will still make sure that we communicate the progress of your project so you can rest easy knowing everything is going well.

  • References from past clients

    References from past clients are happily provided to ensure you have peace of mind and are confident you can trust KPD with your project. We’re always 100% transparent and any information you need from us can be provided at a moment’s notice.

House extension by the best builders in Romford
House extension with skylight, built by KPD Construction

Services we offer

Loft Conversions

Don’t move out – move up! Converting your attic space into a liveable area is the best way of creating extra room for your family without the hassle of purchasing and moving into a new property. You can easily add up to two bedrooms without breaking the bank and it’s no wonder why so many homeowners in Romford are opting for building a loft conversion. This is also one of the best financial investments you can make in terms of upgrades, with a potential 20% value added to your home, according to Nationwide.

KPD Construction is considered a loft conversion builder specialist, with a wealth of experience building all types of loft conversions of varying scale. The most common type we are asked to build is a typical Dormer conversion due to its simplicity and cost-benefit ratio. However, the best type for you depends entirely on your preferences as well as the structural restraints of your property. If you would like to know more or have us come over to conduct a survey to find out which type of design will be most suitable for you, just give us a call or send us a quick message and someone will get back to you shortly.

House Extensions

House extensions are our second speciality and it’s not uncommon for our clients to request a loft conversion and house extension to be done as part of one single project. This is a great way of creating more space on the ground level of your property and especially effective if you have a large garden. Most people do not get much use out of their side-return so why not use that space to build a bigger kitchen that you can enjoy every day? You can go even bigger with a wrap-around extension to truly transform your downstairs! We offer a design-and-build as well as a just-build service making us the most versatile extension builders in Romford. Whichever stage of your project you are currently at – whether you already have design plans in place or you’re starting from square one, KPD can get you over the finish line.

Refurbishments/Renovations/ Installations

A good refurb is a fantastic way to breathe some new life into your home. We offer top-down, full house refurbishments as well as smaller renovations/installations for kitchens and bathrooms that will leave you stunned by the quality of workmanship. We’re not your typical builder and high standard of our work is what makes us stand out from the rest. We offer this service to each of our conversion and extension clients so if you’re looking for a builder that can get it all done in one go without having to rely on subcontracting then look no further and give us a call today!


The roof of your home may not be something you think about often but it definitely should be, especially if it is old or damaged. Water damage due to heavy rain could prove to be extremely costly and you’ll find yourself paying double, once for repairs and once for a new roof installation. Even small faults not visible not immediately noticed can cause moisture to seep in and cause you big problems in the long term. Prevention is always the best approach. Our vast experience with loft conversion projects makes us one of the go-to builders for roofing in Romford and one you can count on with full confidence.
KPD Construction Romford builders in action
Scaffold setup for our building project in Romford
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Take a look at some of our building projects in Romford

If you’re looking for inspiration, a great place to start is our project portfolio. You can view detailed reports of our work along with stunning images that will help you paint a better picture of what your home could soon look like. Not every builder in Romford is confident enough to display their work like we do, but KPD is always 100% transparent and if you would like to know more details about any of our projects, just pick up the phone and we will be happy to inform you about any of the finer details.

Building Services in Romford and beyond

KPD Construction is a local Romford builder and we offer a full range of services including renovations, loft conversions, house extensions and roofing to homeowners living in Romford.

However, the full extent of our service area reaches well beyond Romford, so please do not be discouraged if you live outside of this area. Feel free to get in touch and ask about whether we can take on your project.


How to get in touch with us

Our friendly staff are available to help between Monday and Saturday 8am – 8pm. You can contact us by phone or email, or fill out a contact form with details regarding your project after which we will give you a call back at a time that is most convenient for you. We’re always happy to help and will gladly answer any questions you have about working with KPD.

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