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KPD Construction is here to transform your North London property into the home you’ve always dreamed of. A house extension can help you achieve just that and with us you’re guaranteed to get exactly what it takes to make it happen. Our sole focus is meeting your needs and making sure your project goes as smoothly as possible without causing you any unnecessary headaches. Extending your home is no easy task, but with our expertise behind you, you can rest assured that your project turns out just the way you envisioned.

Taking the first step could not be any easier! Just get in touch with us today and tell us what we can do to help you. We offer a free, no obligations quote and will be glad to speak to you over the phone or email.

If you’re just beginning your journey and do not yet have a final design for your extension, then KPD can offer a full design and build solution where each step of the project will be handled for you. We work with some of the top architects and designers in North London who will make sure your design is unique, efficient and meets all of your requirements. And once you have your ideal extension design, you will have a team of highly-experienced professionals ready to make it happen.

Alternatively, if you’ve had plans draw up already and just need someone to build according to your design specifications, we can help with that too and move right onto the building phase.

Why KPD Construction are the best house extension builders in North London

Meeting your needs is always our number one priority. We always strive to produce work of the highest quality, finish within the projected timescale and make sure the project stays within budget. We keep you informed about the project every step of the way to make sure you have peace of mind and communicate any important information so you’re never kept in the dark.

That’s why KPD Construction is regarded as a top house extension specialist in North London. With over 10 years of quality service and a rich portfolio of awe-inspiring projects, you can be confident in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations. Just have a look at some of our reviews on Google or Checkatrade and see exactly why our customers are so happy with our service.

Get in touch with us today and allow us to show you why we have a reputation for providing the best house extension service in North London. Our friendly staff are always here for you and whether you’re looking to get a quote or looking for some guidance on how to proceed with plans etc., we’ll be more than happy to help.

Do you have a house extension design in mind?

KPD offers a tailored solution for each client so that no matter what your specific requirements are, we can help to the best of our ability. If you have your plans ready, then what are you waiting for? Contact us today so that we can get the ball rolling and we could have your extension built in as little as 12 weeks!

If you’re just starting to think about a extending your North London home and are gathering information at this point, then our website is a great place to start! We have a number of articles written with the help of industry experts to help inform you and make sure you understand things such as the Party Wall Act of 1996.

Feel free to look through them – you might just find something really important! We’re always looking to improve our service, including our customer’s online experience, so if you think there is any information on our website we should include, such as articles or guides, please be sure to let us know.

house extension wanstead feature
Walthamstow project kitchen view

The four most common house extension styles

The best place to start is by understanding the different kinds of extensions. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each one, which one works best with which kind of home, and how much each one cost, are just a few important things to keep in mind. A detailed article on this subject can be found here, where we explain in detail all 5 types.

Rear Extension

A simple extension type where the kitchen is expanded by building into the garden. Its main appeal is its simplicity, which ensures low costs and obtaining building permission is straightforward. If you’re looking to create the maximum amount of space then you will need to look at some of the alternatives, as a rear extension is not the most efficient when it comes to using the available space.

Side-Return Extension

Similar in nature to the rear extension, this time building on the other side of the kitchen and into the alleyway between your and your neighbour’s property. It’s quite rare for a side-return to be utilised day-to-day and most of the time it sits there empty or used as a place to store all your junk. Using it to extend your kitchen is a great way to take advantage of this. The fact that you’re building sideways means that you’ll get to keep all of your rear garden space!

Wrap-Around Extension

This type utilises both your side-return as well as the rear of your house in order to ‘wrap around’ your kitchen. Doing this creates a jaw-dropping amount of space and you’ll finally feel like you have the breathing room you need. You will need a bigger budget for this type of project, but we promise that the return is well worth the investment.

Double-Storey Extension

In some cases, it’s possible to build up. If you really want to create the most amount of space possible then a double-storey extension is the way to go. We can build above an existing structure or from the ground up. This will allow you to completely transform your home with some serious expansion.

Let's discuss your extension ideas!

Some of our past extension projects can be found here

With over 10 years in the business KPD has had the chance to work on some truly outstanding house extension projects in the North London area as well as Central London and Essex.

Are you unsure about what you want to do in terms of design? Are you looking for some inspiration? Our project portfolio is a decent place to start and could help you get a better idea of how you would like your extension to look, what materials you like and what features you want to see implemented. If something catches your eye be sure to let us know and we could discuss how we could produce something similar for you too.

How much will everything cost?

A house extension in North London will usually cost between £1,500 – £2,000 per m2, but the final figure will may be different based on your design and specifications. We offer a free, no obligations quote so if you would like to find out how much it will cost for us to build your extension, all you need to do is give us a quick call or send us a message.

We can’t wait to work with you and make your dream home a reality!

Map of our North London service area

Which areas of London do we cover?

As a North London based construction company, a large portion of our work tends to fall within our local area. However, we do also service customers located in nearby parts of London as well as Essex. 

If you’re unsure whether you fall within our service area please feel free to give us a call and ask – we’re always happy to assist.

Additional Services

KPD Construction offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure all customer’s needs are met, no matter what you require. We are regarded house extension and loft conversion specialists but we also offer refurbishment as well as other building services. Whatever work you need to be done, chances are KPD can make it happen. You’ll be glad you put your faith in the best house extension specialists in North London.

Let us know what we can do to bring your extension plans to life!