Loft conversion

Wapping (E1W)

An ambitious project in which we built a double loft conversion with two double bedrooms along with two bathrooms (both wet-room). This was quite a complex and challenging project to get right due to the unique requirements presented by the owner.

It was requested that the new conversion is made to look as natural as possible, ideally giving the impression of the home having already been built with a loft space being used for everyday living.

In order to do this we had to source 3 different types of bricks (all second-hand) in order to match the older brickwork of the property. This was quite a big challenge but in the end it was well worth the effort with the new brickwork looking identical to the old – at least to the naked eye.

The same approach was also applied to the roofing of the property and again, we carefully sourced second-hand materials (slate tiles) in order to keep the natural aesthetic. We definitely achieved the desired effect here with neighbours themselves saying that if they had not known about the work being carried out they would have assumed the property had always looked this way!

This project also required major structural alterations in order to work. The original loft did not have enough headroom and so we had to completely strip the roof and raise the height of the side walls in order to achieve a higher pitch.

Interior decoration was also completely carried out by KPD Construction, the highlight of which would have to be the bespoke oak staircase fitted to add a modern touch of luxury.

The project took 18 weeks to complete from start to finish.

Project Details

Completion Date
October, 2020

Project Type
Loft Conversion 

Wapping (E1W)

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