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Coming up with ideas for your loft conversion can oftentimes be difficult, especially for new homeowners undergoing a loft conversion project for the first time. There are so many different types to choose from, different styles and the important goal of overcoming any limitations set by the architecture of your loft.

The aim of this article is to make your life a little easier by giving you a starting point from which you can build upon. These amazing loft conversion ideas for everyday homes can be implemented in most small-medium sized homes and all come at a reasonable cost – so you don’t need to break the bank to make your home look and feel amazing!

We searched the depths of the internet to find the most awe-inspiring loft conversion projects from award-winning designers and architects. These projects are all beginner-friendly, cost-effective and cover a wide range of loft conversion types. The journey to building your ideal home begins here!


Use the available space effectively

Loft conversion projects do not need to be overcomplicated to look amazing. Take this project by BLE Construction for example. One thing you’ll immediately notice is the impressive amount of space in the bedroom both in terms of floor space and vertical space.

This effect was achieved by coupling clean, minimalist interior design with a clever solution to limited vertical space. The loft originally had too little headroom to make a loft conversion worthwhile and so the roof needed to be raised to meet the requirements. The architect took things a step further and suggested the roof be raised well beyond its required height (3m from floor to ceiling) to create an incredible amount of space rarely seen in loft conversion projects.

Doing so cost the homeowner a little more than initially expected, but the desired effect was well worth the investment!


Use high roof pitch to your advantage

The biggest obstacle to overcome in this amazing project was the high roof pitch. The existing architecture of your loft space can often cause issues, especially if your loft is very narrow with a high pitch. This leaves you with two choices: opt for a more expensive dormer or mansard conversion which will require a lot more work, or make do with the space that you have.

As this homeowner was on a tight budget and could not afford to build a dormer or loft conversion, the architect chose to use the high roof pitch as an opportunity. Three large Velux roof windows were installed in order to create a ‘wall of glazing’, giving the loft bedroom an astonishing amount of natural sunlight (facing north to maximise the effect) which ended up more than making up for the limited amount of walkable floor space.


Consider an open plan loft 

Are you looking for a way to make your loft conversion feel truly unique and special? One of the best ways of doing this would be to create an open plan loft space where rather than having your bedroom and bathroom in separate rooms, you instead combine the two and have them divided by a single separating wall. This type of solution will not be compatible with every loft-type but the ones with a suitable layout will greatly benefit from making use of this creative idea!


Or a walk-in wardrobe

Your loft conversion does not need to be limited to a bedroom and bathroom – you can get pretty creative with your ideas! Turning your unused loft space into an office, kid’s playroom, music studio or in this case, a walk-in wardrobe, is also a great option.

This architect did a fantastic job of making the most of the space available to them by designing a small, yet practical dressing room parallel to the bedroom and this is despite the difficult structure of the loft space, where undesirable angles were turned into a feature, giving the room its own unique appeal. This idea may not be for everyone, but if you are someone who takes pride in your appearance is obsessed with looking sharp then this is the perfect solution for you!


Make the most out of awkward spaces

Utilising eaves space in the right way is oftentimes the most awkward part of a loft conversion and hiring somebody who knows how to make good use of it, rather than waste it, is vital. You do not want to miss out on valuable storage space! The ways in which you can build storage within your eve space are endless, so get ready to use your creativity and work closely with your architect or designer to make sure you make the right choices.


Incorporate a Velux window/balcony combo

How would you like to have a balcony in your loft without having to splash out on a dormer conversion? Better yet – how would you like to be able to make the balcony disappear whenever it’s not in use? Well, Velux have just the thing for you! The Velux Cabrio balcony and roof window combination has completely changed the game by coming up with this ingenious innovative design allowing you to do just that.

More and more homeowners are opting for this feature, which is perfect for London homes, where balcony weather is never guaranteed and summertime is short and uncertain. You can, of course, still choose to build a classic balcony but knowing this option is available will make choosing the best loft conversion idea much easier.


Which roof window loft conversion idea is your favourite?

We hope that this article has helped to inspire you and given you a good starting point for considering a design for your loft conversion. The possibilities are endless but once again, make sure you hire a good designer/architect who can work around the limitations of your loft space and can identify opportunities for clever design choices.

We look forward to seeing YOUR loft conversion project in one of our ‘best of’ articles!

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