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Your home is your sanctuary, so creating a design that invokes a feeling of calm and peace is essential for ensuring a place to escape from the world’s chaos. Every year, interior decorators and design enthusiasts eagerly await the new trends that emerge, signalling a shift in mindset and paving the way for the engagement of creative minds worldwide. 2022 is no exception; this season promises to bring a refreshing break from the craziness we’ve endured over the past two years. As we’ve had to slow down and spend more time in our homes, the impact design has on our minds and well-being has become even more apparent.

The design world has taken notice, and this season focuses on creating emotional connections, drawing inspiration from nature, and expanding our vision for what our homes can become. If you love nature, warmth, airiness, and comfort, then 2022 is sure to be an exciting design year!


Curved And Sculpted Furniture Trends

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This season trends toward comfort, friendliness, and safety. Curved furniture conveys these feelings by presenting softer shapes and greater architectural interest. We’re not talking about a child-proof vibe; think along the lines of sensual stone with curves mimicking a women’s silhouette or retro-modern designs pairing woods with glass. Drawing on a nature theme where you rarely see straight lines, the sculpted and curved furniture trend is here to stay!


Multi-Purpose Rooms

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Thanks to the need to repurpose many rooms in our home (i.e., your kitchen became your new home office a la Zoom), the design trends for 2022 run with this theme and make it the new normal. Using each living space for multiple purposes is how people are making their homes work harder to fit their needs. Now your bedroom can be your gym and your living room a library. The rules of having distinct spaces with their own purpose are out the window!


House Extensions

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Adding a house extension is also an increasing trend we see emerging this season. Although many people live happily in multi-functional spaces (you can’t extend a wall when you’re renting an apartment), some choose to increase their square footage to meet their needs. Adding an extension to your home is an excellent way to add extra space without the hassle of moving. It’s also more budget-friendly, costing a fraction of buying a new home. Adding more square footage to your home is an excellent way to add value and create a customised space that fits your needs; just be sure to choose a highly qualified company to complete the job.


Nature-Inspired Decor

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Bringing the outside into the home is one of the most popular trends this season, creating an airy and soothing space that relaxes the mind. Expect to see various textures, from porous and raw to smooth and imperfect (think driftwood and coral). Stoneware, terracotta, travertine, wood, and clay will make themselves known in a big way, bringing their warm hues to brighten and add visual interest to the space. You’ll even see an appearance from crystals and floras to bring a splash of elevated sophistication. Nature-inspired pieces are surprisingly easy to find, with places like Ikea stocking plenty of interesting pieces.


Saturated Color Trends

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Colour lovers rejoice; the era of Kim Kardashian-esqe monotones is out, and deep, saturated colours are in. However, those who love bright and vibrant shades may find themselves disappointed. The colour of the season is brown, bringing the outdoors in and creating warmth to even the coldest spaces. Earthy hues like burnt umber and cognac create a subtly masculine yet equally sophisticated feel to a room, grounding it while still giving an airy feel. Use these tones on your decor, walls, and linens to make your home feel naturally neutral.



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For all our desires to connect with nature and unplug, this season sees our true love (and dependence, if we’re honest) of technology shine through. With such incredible technological advances hitting the scene daily, it’s no wonder our homes are becoming smarter every day. It isn’t your grandma’s technology, though; next-generation designs are sleeker than ever, becoming a work of art in their own right.


Vintage Sustainability

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Have the 2022 design trends given you whiplash yet? For all our love of technology, we just can’t shake the nostalgia vintage pieces offer. Every vintage piece in a room brings its own storytelling of a life touched by countless others, allowing you to be a small part of a story that will go on for generations to come. Add to that the sustainability component of repurposing pre-loved items; it’s easy to see why vintage sustainability continues to be a popular trend. So, check out a thrift store or pick up an abandoned item you see waiting for the trash; bringing new life to what would have ended up in the dump is very on-trend 2022!


Loft Conversions

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Lofts are an excellent way to utilise unused space, often double your home’s square footage. Loft conversions are a relatively easy home improvement update, generally taking less time than adding an extension. Lofts are a great way to create a home office, bedroom, family room, or multi-purpose space, making your home feel larger. Lofts are excellent for resale, especially as more young people seek to enter the housing market and purchase their first home. As with a house extension, do your research and choose a well-respected company that can provide you with excellent results. If you’re looking for some awe-inspiring roof-light loft conversion designs, you can find them here.


Leather Furniture and Accents

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Rich-tone leathers are proudly making their way back to the stage, bringing with them sophistication and warmth. Skip the pristine-looking furniture and accent options and seek out the ones with character, showing their patina and wearing their age as a medal (even new pieces can look old, we promise we won’t tell).

2022 is an exciting year with comforting and warm design trends. We’re bringing back the colour and natural accents while adding to your square footage with high-quality renovations. Seek out vintage and sustainable pieces while staying tech-savvy, and your home will welcome you from the moment you walk in the door!

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